Aidan Rankin is a London-based writer, researcher and independent scholar specialising in Indian philosophy and spirituality, in particular Jainism and its concept of ‘Many-Sidedness’ which has global resonance today. Aidan has published three books on Jain themes:

The Jain Path: Ancient Wisdom for the West (O Books, 2006)
Many-Sided Wisdom: A New Politics of the Spirit (O Books, 2010)
Living Jainism: An Ethical Science (with Kanti V. Mardia) (Mantra Books, 2013)
O Books and Mantra Books are divisions of John Hunt Publishing, a leading Mind-Body-Spirit Publisher based in Winchester, UK and Washington DC.

Aidan is also interested in shamanic and indigenous traditions. He has studied the ancient nature-centred spiritual tradition of Japan, under the guidance of Paul de Leeuw of the Shinto Europe Foundation in Amsterdam. As a result of his research, he published Shinto: A Celebration of Life with Mantra Books in 2011.

A political scientist by training, Aidan has an MA in Modern History from Oxford University and a PhD in Government from the London School of Economics, where he specialised in Latin American politics. He realised that the social sciences in their present form merely scratch the surface of the human predicament and that a more rounded or ‘holistic’ approach is needed. This is especially urgent in the light of mounting global inequalities and the imbalance between humanity and ‘the rest’ of nature.

Aidan works as a property consultant and has a background in academic publishing. He edited ‘New European’, the cultural section of the European Business Review from 1999 – 2007 and received the Literati Award for Excellence from Emerald Insight Publishing. He has contributed articles and reviews to The Times Literary Supplement, The New Statesman, The Spectator, The Tablet, The Guardian, The Ecologist, Sacred Hoop, New Vision and Watkins Review, the journal of Watkins Bookshop in London. In 2014, he received the Alain Daniélou Research Award from the India-Europe Foundation for New Dialogues (FIND). He has worked as News Editor for Jain Spirit, back issues of which are now archived on-line by the Institute of Jainology.

Aidan is currently researching a book for Routledge on Jainism and Ethical Finance, in collaboration with Dr Atul K. Shah, CEO of the consultancy Diverse Ethics, to which Aidan is also an adviser.